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Google Competition/Relevance Checkup - Nov 07, 2011 Media Release - 11/07/11 - Michael Zippidy Duda

The Packers just went 8-0 last night on their quest for a perfect season on the road to the next Super Bowl. So it's time again to look at how Google is doing in their Black Ops "Relevance" calculations. From the beginning, we have done well in Google's natural search engine results. In fact, just recently I was speaking to a room of Google Employees and reminded them that existed in 1994 - prior to Google even starting in the search engine business in 1998. It really didn't seem to impress them that much, so I quickly explained that they have accomplished a little more with than we have accomplished with which they seemed to find pretty funny.

Ok, back to the issue. When you search for Green Bay Packers products on you will notice there are three ways to get to Green Bay Packers Merchandiser's products. One is the "Pay Per Click" Links which you currently find elevated on the top and down the right side. If you search for "Green Bay Packers Hats" in Google you find a link that will say, "Shopping results for Green Bay Packers Hats" showing icons of products with links to their websites below. These appear in order of Relevance by default.

It is my belief that when they make Black Ops caclulations to determine which website is more Relevant than another, I'm pretty sure Google is weighing total traffic to a website domain too heavily in their calculations which skews the results to more of the Big Box type stores like and Dick's Sorting Goods. So, You might say, "Why are you crying about spilled milk?" Well, not only am I crying and whining over the spilled milk, I am also trying to point out an oversight by Google. It seems to me that in their Black Ops calculations (which they will not disclose), it would be better to serve the customers with shopping results based on more attributes like product depth and pricing, which customers are more interested in. As a consumer, is this not what you look for when you stroll the mall in the real world? Keep in mind that this would be better for us at, but it would also give customers searching for products on Google better overall results, which in turn would provide them with a better shopping experience. A site like is just prepackaging multiple retailers to sell our merchandise from their site, so this puts them in the same class as an website. The focus should be on single merchants who carry particular niche product inventory and serve the customer with what the consumer is searching for.

So, I decided to just take a look at one product type from our thousands and thousands of Green Bay Packers products we carry and ship world-wide everyday to see how we actually stand up to our competitors. So here are the numbers...

As of 11/07/11 8am - Green Bay Packers Knit Hats
RankWebsiteTotal # of Products

So, based on the chart... Product Selection or "Product Depth", we are on top when it comes to "Green Bay Winter Knit Hats". So why do we constantly see links to places like Amazon, Dicksportinggoods, and Nflshop? It is clear that product depth or selection should be weighed heavier in their calculations to determine relevancy. I think there is a product manager at Googleplex who is missing the boat. If you have searched for "Green Bay Packers Jerseys" on Google and looked at the results full of duplicates and overseas bootleggers, I think you would agree!

by Michael Duda -

Keep an eye on our Green Bay Packers Products. We are constantly adding new stock to our offerings so that Green Bay Packers fans will continue to have a store where they can expect competitive pricing, best overall selection and superior customer service. If you want to stay current on our products as they are added we suggest you "Like" us on Facebook!

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